Pilates and I

I never would have thought that Pilates would become my passion,my constant thought process and my lifestyle. When my roommate showed me the ad to become a certified Pilates Instructor in University, I originally thought I need a distraction from school and a pass time. Pilates has given me not only that but also a career.

Side lift with a front kick in sight of the mountains

Side lift with a front kick in sight of the mountains

I’ve built amazing relationships with clients that have taught me so much. Clients tell me they love how I try to educate them as I instruct, but little do they know I learn so much from our communication and their bodies. I constantly am educating myself about new scenarios that come into the studio and by practicing myself.

In a previous blog, I talk about my car accident and how I try to use this as a learning experience so I can be better for my clients. Pilates probably saved my life that night. I had a police officer tell me, after reading the report, I am so lucky I lived. Pilates helps one have a strong body and mind. Pilates not only helped protect me during the impact but also has helped my recovery process. I still have my days were I am in pain, but I know I can choose the right exercises and get myself moving.

Even as I write this blog, I took a break to do a few Pilates exercises, since my back doesn’t like sitting at the moment. I’ve been very lucky I have found something that I love that keeps my body and mind strong healthy and active. Pilates allows me to do my daily activities with more ease, stand with a proper posture, and relieve stress. Try to find something for yourself that has the same impact on your life!

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STOP those ANNOYING Headaches!

Headaches can ruin a good day. Quite often the position we are in; when reading, writing, using the computer can put strain onto our neck, which leads to a headache. Stretching and moving our neck can help us reduce tension and reduce the occurrence of headaches. Breaking up your work periods to do these exercises will help. You want to make sure you are even doing them when you are not feeling sore in the neck to prevent the muscles from tightening.  

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Mermaids and Side Lifts


When people think of Pilates, they think about their abs.  But when people think about their abs, they mainly think about their “6 pack”.  Well, what about the obliques?  The obliques help us side bend, rotate and flex the spine.  These are some simple exercises to add in to make sure you get some lateral movement in your workout!

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Don’t be such a “Tease”

When the word teaser is mentioned is class, there is variety of facial expressions that occur.  Some people love them, some people find them very challenging, some people don’t realize there are modifications to allow one to progress to a full Teaser.  Practice these variations and you will see a Teaser in your future.  Enjoy the challenge!

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My Top 5 Pilates Adominal Exercises

I have received a few emails saying I should do a video on how to get a 6 pack.  Well to be honest, I don’t have a 6 pack so you are not going to find one in this video.  There are so many factors to getting and maintaining a “6 pack”, which include cardio, nutrition and strength programs.  6 pack’s require muscle building exercises, but Pilates is about lengthening the body and creating a slim physic, therefore in my opinion it is not the style of workout you would want if it is your goal.  I am not saying it is not possible, but it has never been my main focus.

I have picked 5 exercises (I know I say 6 in the video) that I really enjoy practicing for my abdominal strength.  But Pilates provides such a vast repertoire for abdominal exercises do not limit yourself.  Plus it allows you to have variety in your daily workouts.  For more ideas, please watch some of my other videos or contact me and I more than willing to share what else I hold in my box of exercises! 



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Fine Balance Open House

I’m very excited about joining the team at Fine Balance and am loving every moment teaching there.  They are having their 10 year Anniversary on Sunday.  Running 12pm – 4pm, you can check out the new reformers as well as talk to various instructors who teach there.  If you can, please drop in to see the wonderful studio and owner!

Fine Balance Open House poster

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Rocking and Rolling Like a Swan

This is one of my favourite series but it needs to be done properly and on a day where my back is not sore.  There is a few things to know about this series. 

1.  Abs on!!! – If you don’t keep your abs active you are no longer protecting your back and it allows you to collapse into the lower back creating a lot of lower back pressure. 

2.  Flexibility – when you get into rocking swan hip and quadricep flexibility is a huge factor.  You may prefer to to just stretch the quadriceps without extending through the spine. 

3.  Back pain – if you have been told by a doctor not to do extensive spine extension or you know this exercise causes you back pain – DO NOT DO IT!  Why risk being sore for the next couple of days just to show people how you can fold backwards.  Its hard not to keep going when in a class and everyone else is trying it but our back is just too important to us to bother. 

4.  Glutes – Turn those babies on!!! Squeezing your bum will help extend the spine but also help maintain the shape of the body.  If the glutes were to relax the legs will not lift when the upper body rocks forward.  Think BUNS OF STEEL!

5.  Have FUN!  This exercise can be quite fun, we just always want to remember form.  It always gets a good laugh in class 🙂

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Seated Exercises

This video reviews seated exercises such as seated roll down, half roll back, spine stretch forward, spine twist and saw.  These exercises are difficult because many people lack the flexibility to sit upright.  You can sit on a box, platform, cushion just to raise your hips above your knees, which allow you sit a little bit more comfortable.  You can also sit cross legged (tailor crossed). 

I would love feedback from people.  Let me know what you think about the videos and let me know if you would like to see anything specific.  I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Merry Christmas 🙂

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Burn off that Holiday Dinner

Fine Balance is offering some holiday classes to help you burn off some of those delicious holiday treats!

Two classes have already been added to the schedule:

Friday 5:15 Reformer 2

6:15 Spinlates

Come join us!

Christmas Classes Poster

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Blast those Glutes and Hamstrings

Hey Everyone!!!

Sorry, I know its been a while since I last posted a video.  Did a great reformer course in Victoria for 2 weeks, so tonnes of new ideas and I will definitely need to make more reformer videos.  This video focuses on shoulder bridge variations.  I personally find shoulder bridges and hip rolls very difficult.  I find it very easy to over extend through the spine so my ribs will pop.  You will notice in the video me trying to avoid this from happening, which requires activation of the obliques.  The other thing I find difficult is just trying to stay lifted.  Constantly remind yourself to activate through the glutes and hamstrings to help open the front of the hips.  Happy Bridging!!!

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