Kinesiology is the study of human movement.  It is important that a Kinesiologist understands how and why a person moves a certain way.  In the field, they need to be able to identify what factors are limiting or enhancing one’s movement, as well as provide the best method to improve one’s performance and/or injuries.  People who can benefit from a Kinesiologist are high-performance athletes, people suffering from chronic injuries or disease, or anyone looking to improve their overall physical health.
I provide assessments, personal training and teach Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.  I am registered on HCAI and can submit OCF-18 for clients who have been in a motor vehicle collision.  I work with the client’s physiotherapist, chiropractor, physician etc.  to assure that I have a full understanding of the client’s situation so that they get the best treatment I can provide.

A common question asked these days: “what is the difference between personal trainers and Kinesiologists?”.   Most P.T.’s posses at least one certification related to fitness instruction.  Kinesiologists have a minimum of a 4 year Bachelor degree and usually have a personal training certificate on top of that.  The Kinesiology program studies anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychomotor behaviour, as well as social and cultural factors.

Experience with:

  • Post-physiotherapy clients
  • Issues regarding:
    •  motor vehicle collisions (MVC)
    •  diabetes
    •  obesity
    • hip replacement surgery preparation
    • post bypass surgery
    •  pre/postnatal
    • scoliosis
    • low back pain
    • neck injuries
    • sport injuries
    • nutritional counseling



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