I have received a few emails saying I should do a video on how to get a 6 pack.  Well to be honest, I don’t have a 6 pack so you are not going to find one in this video.  There are so many factors to getting and maintaining a “6 pack”, which include cardio, nutrition and strength programs.  6 pack’s require muscle building exercises, but Pilates is about lengthening the body and creating a slim physic, therefore in my opinion it is not the style of workout you would want if it is your goal.  I am not saying it is not possible, but it has never been my main focus.

I have picked 5 exercises (I know I say 6 in the video) that I really enjoy practicing for my abdominal strength.  But Pilates provides such a vast repertoire for abdominal exercises do not limit yourself.  Plus it allows you to have variety in your daily workouts.  For more ideas, please watch some of my other videos or contact me and I more than willing to share what else I hold in my box of exercises! 



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