Private Training

Private Training sessions are available in your own home or you can join me at our in-home gym Ballistic Strength. 

Squat Rack

Squat Rack

Private sessions can be weight training, Pilates or yoga based on your request.  Programs are geared towards your goals and preference of training. 

Also available is guidance on proper eating habits and nutrition plans. 


1 Hour Private/ Semi-Private: $75

1/2 Hour Private: $45

Home Program:  $60

Nutrition Plan:  $60

FMS: $75

Reassessment: $45

Group Training (4):  $15/person

For more information, please contact: or 250-618-7853

To train with Solomon Macys please contact-


Great way to strength train

Great way to strength train

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  • Mike Towse (6 years)

    Hello, My name is Michael Towse , I’ve recently suffered a brain hemorrage and had to have shunt put in my head to relieve pressure on my brain . I was released from hospital yesterday and I am about 40 to 50 percent capacity of my mobility , Ive had personal one on one pilates before and benefited greatly , I would like to take you on to aid in my recovery.
    You may call me at 519 858 0732, this in my home phone number.

    • Rachel (6 years)

      Hi Mike,
      I am no longer located in London and am in the process of switching all my sites over. I highly recommend Sky Pilates, which is located near Richmond and Oxford as they are also a physiotherapy clinic. Thanks for the interest,

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