This is one of my favourite series but it needs to be done properly and on a day where my back is not sore.  There is a few things to know about this series. 

1.  Abs on!!! – If you don’t keep your abs active you are no longer protecting your back and it allows you to collapse into the lower back creating a lot of lower back pressure. 

2.  Flexibility – when you get into rocking swan hip and quadricep flexibility is a huge factor.  You may prefer to to just stretch the quadriceps without extending through the spine. 

3.  Back pain – if you have been told by a doctor not to do extensive spine extension or you know this exercise causes you back pain – DO NOT DO IT!  Why risk being sore for the next couple of days just to show people how you can fold backwards.  Its hard not to keep going when in a class and everyone else is trying it but our back is just too important to us to bother. 

4.  Glutes – Turn those babies on!!! Squeezing your bum will help extend the spine but also help maintain the shape of the body.  If the glutes were to relax the legs will not lift when the upper body rocks forward.  Think BUNS OF STEEL!

5.  Have FUN!  This exercise can be quite fun, we just always want to remember form.  It always gets a good laugh in class 🙂

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