Stephanie Before

Stephanie Before

  • I started training with Rachel 3 short months ago because I wanted to loseweight and more importantly begin to rehabilitate from amotor vehicle injury.  Rachel is an exceptional andenthusiastic motivator, with a broad and expert knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides theperfect scenario for success. The results that I have achieved to date have exceeded my goals and expectations and I directly attribute my success to Rachel. I would like to personally thank Rachel for all of the time and effort that she has invested in our sessions and would happily recommend her to anyone that wants to begin down the path to a healthier lifestyle.Stephanie Martin, May 2011


Stephanie After

Stephanie After


  • Rachel has been providing me with one on one Pilates, exercise sessions and nutritional guidance.  Because of her enthusiastic and knowledgeable feed back and training, I have lost over 12 inches in total (and 10+ pounds). Sometimes it feels like it’s one step forward and two steps back, but she always helps me to see the my progress and modified my program like no one else has ever done. Rachel provides great motivation to keep going and reach further by acknowledging my gains and challenging me on a weekly basis. Her enthusiasm and professionalism combined with her innovative programs have helped me to begin to realize my goals. I highly recommend her. – Kathleen Grant, November 2010


  • I have been working with Rachel for a long time….Rachel creates an excellent workout routine and a fun environment to make my workouts interesting! Its never the same routine twice. She knows how and when to push me to excel so we can advance to a higher level with Pilates. I would strongly recommend anyone considering to improve their overall body strength and workout regimen to take a class from Rachel! – Dale Hall, October 2010


  • Rachel is an amazing trainer!  She loves her work and it shows when she is making you work your butt off!  Every class with Rachel is new and exciting, she is always coming up with different routines and researching new exercises.
    I have muscles now thanks to her!  Rachel’s classes are TOP NOTCH!!!  Thanks for your support and encouragement.
    – Donna Medeiros, August 2010


  • “I was fortunate to be introduced to her through a friend who was a client of Rachel’s at a Yoga and Fitness Centre in London, Ontario. Based on her recommendation, I hired Rachel as my trainer. We met weekly at my gym for one hour sessions for 6 months. Rachel developed a personal fitness program for me that met my individual needs and strengths. This program was adjusted as time passed and my needs changed. Rachel’s bubbly and encouraging manner certainly was welcomed during my workouts and gave me the support I needed to continue to progress. An accompanying program was also developed that could be applied in other gyms when I travelled!
    Following her program I certainly noticed a major difference in my muscle tone, endurance and strength.I was also impressed with her flexibility in adjusting to my busy schedule and her commitment to continue to meet with me each week.
    I highly recommend Rachel as a personal trainer and truly miss working with her now that I have moved to another city.”
    – Kathi Gilbert, August 2010


  • “You were good at correcting me, since I am just coming back to working out, and did come up with some alternative moves which is important to keep someone active and motivated.” – Danielle Doer, July 2010


  • “Excellent explainations of classes and body parts” – Nancy Shaver-LeForte, RN BsN, July 2010


  • “Rachel is a great pilates instructor; she is challenging, creative and motivational. She spends a considerable amount of time learning and perfecting new moves and modifications to traditional pilates moves. Her constant work makes for exciting and varied lessons that are difficult enough to feel and to make the participant work hard but comprehensive enough that you leave feeling successful.” – Sarah Denomy, July 2010


  • “Rachel is one of the funniest and outgoing professionals in the industry. She makes her job priority #1, and her classes respond warmly to her care and instruction.
    Never before have I seen a small-business studio Pilates class have a waiting list, but her brain-child, “Cardio-Pilates” has managed to do JUST THAT!
    Go get your butts kicked!”
    – Solomon Macys (PTS, NWS) July 2010


  • “Rachel is a fantastic Pilates instructor!  Her classes are challenging and she has taught me to push myself and my perceived limits.” – Jennifer Spencer, July 2010


  • “She is great,up beat, committed to you.  You could not ask for more.” – Lisa Jackson, July 2010
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