Why Pilates?

Pilates has obvious physical benefits. It has been known to be one of the best abdominal and core workouts, not to mention greatly improving flexibility and balance. Which can be particularly beneficial for seniors or people with a severe injury. But of course you probably know all of that, Pilates has become so popular in the modern world it seems like everyone and anyone is talking about the incredible physical changes in their bodies, or how it can help you to get there. But few are telling you why you should really be signing up for a Pilates class right now. Unknown

Pilates is a very thorough and complete muscular workout, which means that you will be using muscles that are rarely activated in regular workouts, and you will be moving, stretching and working your muscles in ways they never have been before. So with this comes deeper muscle activation, and that means better function of your nervous system, which of course leads to the emotional and mental benefits of Pilates.Unknown-1

Emotional tension is kept within the body of every human being, our emotions greatly impact our posture, and how we hold ourselves, we clench our jaws, even fists, we create huge knots in our shoulders and backs when we’re stressed, worried, scared, over worked and over tired, we have tremendous emotional baggage that’s very hard to let go of. Pilates helps to release emotional tension within the body, therefor allowing you to start to let go of and move on from that emotional baggage we all carry along for so many years. Mindful movement is such a prominent part in emotional stability. When you have a calm mindset and a relaxed body, your mind and body are in unison together, which means you are able to think more clearly, be more creative, more confident, and happier. Even my own mother says that it doesn’t matter how she was feeling when she started her Pilates class, she always feels less stressed and is in a much better mood and overall mindset when she leaves.Unknown-2

But none of this really matters if you do not have the right instructor.

Pilates is a very intimate exercise, so you want to make sure you choose the right instructor for you. Among a great deal of other accomplishments (see bio) Rachel Robertson is a highly trained and experienced Pilates instructor. Rachel offers mat and/or reformer Pilates classes. Whether you want to take a class or have your own private session, each have their benefits. The social aspect of classes is always a great benefit to any workout. We have great conversation, and more times than not, it’s always better to workout with someone else, laughing your way through a difficult move, than to do it by yourself. But privates have their benefits as well, especially if you are more of an introverted individual, or you may have some anxiety about starting something you have never done before, and would like a more one on one approach, just you and Rachel, a private session may be what is best for you. But whatever you choose Rachel will always make sure you feel comfortable and safe in any class you may take with her. Rachel will help you through the class, pushing you to your fullest but never too far. Rachel will make sure that you are able to participate and get the most out of Pilates by modifying moves when needed, and being perspective to comfort levels and ones personal ability. If you are interested in joining Pilates, I greatly suggest contacting Rachel, and setting up a time where you can talk about your goals, any physical worries you may have, and overall what you would personally like to achieve.


-Moira Irving


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